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Related article: Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 10:58:15 -0300 From: Mo Subject: AFTER SCHOOLE-mail: candyperfumeboyalloymail.com ICQ: 33596683 or 12733953 AOL Instant Message: Mer69BoyP.S: THIS IS ALL FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:-( ... but I'm hoping it one day it'll be for real! heheeheh "After School" The day at school was a bore. We had two exams and at history class we were asigned to make a group project, this i thought was a bore and i would have to do all the work by myself. To my surprise, i was asigned to do the job (no pun intended) with the hottest guys from my class: Xavier and Luis. Everyone at school knewed that i liked boys and they didn't give a shit except a couple of homophobes, one of them "being" Luis. He tried to get off the assignement but there was no turning back. Luis was a 5'11" tanned skin, black hair and brown eyes adonis. Did i mention that he has huge fingers and feet? Xavier is a bit shorter black hair and green eyes, also an adonis. Girls drool over them soooooo bad. I am 5'11" honeyblond hair brown eyes. So we decided to go to my house and begin the project. The day was very hot, around 98 degrees and we were sick of it and our school uniforms. My mom left us at home and there i was alone with THEM. I had to do something. "So shall we start to work?" I said "No why dont we take a swim at your pool?" Xavier asked "NO NO NO" said Luis "Why are you being such a prick Luis? You know that Miguel respects us and he wouldn't do anything to us" said Tiny Preteen Model Xavier while looking at me lustfully "Ok sure. Lets change" said Luis I lent the guys some bathing suits and Luis changed first and then Xavier used my room to change. He was taking some time and then he called me "Miguel can you come here for a sec?" "sure. Luis if you want go ahead and jump in the pool" "ok" he said "I'll be right there Xavier" walking towards my room i was very nervours being with one of the hottest guys in my room. when i entered there he was. NAKED with a raging hardon. i just stood there compleatly shocked. "So do you like the view?" asked Xavier while stroking his cock... "Ooh yeah!!" I said "Suck it" he commanded He stood and we kissed passionately sucking each other tongues. I let go and started to kiss every part of his body: his neck, his chest, nipples, abs and finally reaching his manhood. Standing 6"cut and erect i started to suck his cock first sucking his head and finally deepthroating him. He grabbed my head and fucking my face i sucked faster and harder making him moan like crazy. "Oh fuck I'm cumming!!" he said and then i sucked harder than ever gripping his cock with my lips and suddenly he came all over my mouth me swallowing every drop of his tasty He fell and kissed me again, we had forgotten completely about Luis and decided to head to the pool. He put on his trunks and left the room. "EWWWW!! What's that?!" asked Luis. "What?" Xavier and I asked in unison. "That" Luis said pointing to my trunks. What he was pointing at was my cum all over my pants. I hadn't noticed because Xavier's cock took me to another world. "Well I think there is only one way to keep this a secret" Xavier said. "How?" asked Luis. "Stand Up and don't move" Xavier commanded as he stripped Luis completly. God, he was bigger than Xavier and for being 16 he was very well endowed. Xavier knelt before Luis and took his cock in his mouth, while Luis stood there in awe and I sat down to enjoy the show. He was an excellent sucker, he had previous experience with the seniors whom had fame for having gigantic cocks. Suddenly he stopped and said Tiny Preteen Model "Come over here Miguel, why don't you give Luis what you've been dreaming forever" OH MY GOD! FINALLY I went over him and standing behind him i started to kiss him all over his back till reaching his dark, baby ass. This made him shiver completely, me rimming his ass with my tounge drove him insane. We continued like this for five minutes. "Why don't we change positions?" I said and Xavier came behind and I went to the front, when we crossed we kissed. "I have a better idea..." Xavier said and he sat down in the edge of the pool "...Luis sit on my lap..it won't hurt." Luis did as told and slowly Xavier pentreated Luis's ass, i could tell the Luis was in pain so i decided to jump in the pool and do something. "Oh poor baby..." and french-kissed Luis and then went down to suck his cock. Boy were we licking it. Xavier fucking while I sucked him crazy. This went on until Luis body froze and cummed all over me. Xavier and I weren't done yet so we sat together caressing each other while Luis gave us blowjobs. While he sucked me he masturbated Xavier and vice versa. I cummed first shooting all over my chest and then Xavier also all over his chest. I licked him off and Xavier licked me off. Then the three of us kissed. When I turned around Mom was parking and would enter in any second. After School 2 It had been 2 days since our first encounter and we were at school hanging around with our friends. After recess we had history class and we had to go to the a/v room to watch some boring old history film. Xavier and I sat together at the back of the room, while Luis sat in front of us, as soon as everyone had arrived, our teacher put the movie and turned off the lights. Immediately Xavier French kissed me. I was shocked. He was making his moves IN SCHOOL. I just went with the flow and started to unzip his pants. His growing manhood was desperate to be freed. Xavier just relaxed while I jerked him. God his cock was so hot that I wanted him inside me so bad, so I stood up, lowered my pants and sat on top of him. Slowly he entered me and and I rode him like a horse trying not to make any noise, but he was licking my ear while he fucked me, this drove me crazy. He started to hump me faster, and faster while I tightened my ass hole to make him cum so bad. In about two minutes he camed shooting all on my ass."U guys were pretty quiet back there" said Luis. "Well we were paying attention to the movie" I said "Oh, OK" said Luis "Miguel, Neil is looking for you...he told me to tell you to meet him in his classroom after school" said my math teacher. "OK cool no problem" I replied "But...arent we gonna study tonight in my place?" asked Xavier "Well u guys can study without me today...Neil wants me for something" I said "OK" Said Luis sounding a bit sad Our Spanish teacher was very well liked by all of us at school, specially by the girls and...me. He was so hot. Standing at 6'3" very Tiny Preteen Model slim, mocha skin, dark hair, gotee and VERY WELL ENDOWED and the tightest ass. On a hot may day he went sans underwear to school and his cock hung so low that when he sat down it was completely marked by his pants. At exactly 3 o'clock I arrived to his classroom and he said hello and started to talk "Why dont we sit down Miguel" we sat and he started to talk "You know that you are a very special kid, ur a great student and I really like you" while he said this he put his hand on my tighs and started rubbing them. God this was a very surreal moment, the teacher that I've desired since the 7th grade was making the moves on me. We stood and closed the doors and immediately ripped our clothes off. I had waited so long for this so I decided to enjoy the moment. Kissing his neck, sucking his nipples, licking his entire body I reached for his manhood, it was very thick and standing 9"cut. We laid on the floor and we 69ed while I sucked on his cock he sucked on mine for a while and rimmed me. To my surprise he inserted twpo fingers up my ass which made me gasp in pain...but I liked pain. Then I stood up and laid on his desk spreading my legs wide open."Are you sure you want this?" he asked. "Cuz it gonna hurt.""I don't care just fuck me hard."With that he jammed his full 9 inches in me making me scream in pain then he left it in for a while took all out except the head and then rammed it in making me hot as hell.We changed positions and I rode him but harder than Xavier and when he was about to cum I took it out and started sucking ferociously. This drove him crazy and he cummed mad and I swallowed every drop.Suddenly there was a knock in the door...To be continued...
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